Technical Services

Provide customers with best solutions according to their needs and possibilities. We offer technical services and quality assurance through highly qualified personnel, which is responsible for conducting inspections to technical documentation of aircraft, installations, airworthiness management analysis, etc. Our clients obtain an exact data of their aircraft prior to their reception or delivery of the aircraft.

This assessment comprises a complete aircraft / engine survey and records review, providing customers with a comprehensive and accurate aircraft status report and final technical opinion. This allows customers to take founded and solid decisions at the pre-lease or aircraft purchase stage.
In addition, we can assist and advise clients in the aircraft transition process onto EASA, FAA or Other Authorities, for all regulatory requirements involved in such process.
Our experts will examine aircraft records, documents and other relevant data, and conduct a thorough physical inspection of the aircraft. We then recommend an approach to minimize risk and maximize return.
Prior to expiration of a lease contract, we conduct a thorough review of the aircraft’s records and data and thoroughly inspects the hardware, comparing it with the lease redelivery conditions. Then we lay the foundation for the whole redelivery process. We report the findings of our inspection to all stakeholders and suggest a course of action to secure an efficient, safe and cost effective redelivery.
Operator’s technical audits can be held to provide clients with the precise information and facts required for decision making regarding an airline operation before a lease commitment.
Mid-term / In service audits consist of a complete aircraft physical and/or records review to ensure current lease obligations and sale agreements compliance.
Based on both, Operator's Audits and In Service Audits, a report is issued to provide evidence concerning an operator's maintenance standards. This report is aimed to show in service performance and highlight deficiencies or potential issues.
Major maintenance management involves on-site representatives becoming the link between maintenance provider organization and customer, managing and monitoring on a daily basis the activities carried out, reporting the project progress and acting on behalf of clients best interests.
The delivery or redelivery of an aircraft is a complex process. For a smooth transition, all aspects must be planned well in advance and efficiently controlled.
During the aircraft delivery / re-delivery process it is assured that the client’s contractual rights and obligations are strictly met.
As well, a pre-delivery audit can be held on client’s behalf in order to achieve a smooth delivery / re-delivery process, minimizing future potential conflictive issues which might generate possible project delays. These pre-delivery audits furnish clients with a complete real situation of the aircraft before delivery / re-delivery process starts.
We ensure that the delivery or re-delivery process is closely managed and the client is kept properly informed.
As maintenance is a critical part of minimizing costs and ensuring operational ability, as well as conserving asset value, we supply experienced representatives who support and manage your heavy maintenance needs. Project management, technical know-how, cost awareness and experience. We ensure that the maintenance performed on your aircraft or engine meets all relevant requirements and international regulatory standards.
Digitizing aircraft records requires a meticulous and systematic approach. Our experienced records specialists will select, prepare and sort your records before scanning them. The scanned records can then be saved on our server, where they will be accessible at your convenience.